Family Support

The dementia journey is challenging for family and friends, as well as for the person with dementia.

We do all we can to assist and support families through this difficult and often painful process.

Our programmes include:

Orientation For Families

An informative program for families of recently arrived residents to learn the ‘ins and outs’ of how things work in care, and help them to understand as much as possible about our facilities and the care we provide. It covers issues such as visiting successfully, obtaining an EPOA or Welfare Guardian, finance, policies and procedures, additional support agencies, and how to deal with any difficulties that may arise.

This is a one hour programme run over three weeks, and is designed to build trust, confidence and understanding.

Sharing The Journey

This 4-hour programme, delivered over a 4 week period, has been developed to assist families to understand dementia and interact with their loved ones in a meaningful way.

Family Support Groups

Family Support is provided, either in person or by telephone, at each facility on a regular basis, sharing their experiences of the dementia journey and strategies developed for coping with the day to day challenges having a loved one with dementia presents.