My dear wife, of 52 years, was admitted to Aberleigh’s care on the 15th of July 2015, since that time, I have endeavoured to visit Delia three times a week and now I believe I am a critical observer of the care and attention given to Delia and all the other people living at Aberleigh.

 Which is impeccable at all times.

 When Delia was admitted to Aberleigh in July 2015, she had advanced Alzheimer’s which continued to move along until Delia was unable to make her own way along life’s pathway, this of course meant on going increased levels of care and attention.

 Which never faltered.

During my life thus far I have often wondered about the existence of Angels and now since 2015 I am sure they are here……..

 And a large number of them are employed at 17 to 19 McCallum Street, Springlands.


Kind regards

Terry Climo

November 2018


I have been approached by Aberleigh Rest Home Limited regarding writing a testimonial as to the facilities and care that they provide at 17 – 19 McCallum Street, Springlands, Blenheim. I am only pleased to do so.

My elder sister has been in the Rest Home since the beginning of June 2008. She has lived there ever since. For approximately the last 12 months she has suffered from dementia and therefore requires special care and attention. My wife and I have tried to visit at least once a week and therefore we consider we have gained a meaningful insight into the merits of the Rest Home, the standard of care provided and the abilities and attitude of the staff that they employ.

It is readily apparent that rest home staff need to possess very special qualities. It is not an easy job but at all times I have found that the staff at Aberleigh to be absolutely dedicated, reliable and conscientious. I have no complaints whatsoever regarding their attitude and the standard of care they provide. It is not an easy job but they carry out their duties to a very high standard.

It is significant that my sister really dreaded the thought of going into a rest home but she is now probably happier than she has ever been. Today she does not have to worry about the normal tasks associated with living on your own. We have asked her many times about the rest home facilities, the standard of the meals, the staff and the care they provide. Almost without exception she highly praises the staff and the excellent standard of care they provide.

The Aberleigh Rest Home and its staff provide excellent facilities and care of the highest standard. Should any person wish me to elaborate on any aspect of this testimonial, please do not hesitate to contact me.

David Oliver

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