A vibrant and varied activities programme is an important part of life at all our homes. We focus on creating meaningful activities to support creativity, socialisation, stimulation and fun, as well as assisting residents to be involved in the daily running of their home.

A team of experienced diversional therapists gets to know each resident, finds out about their past interests, and plans and runs a daily programme that encourages individual interests and abilities.

It is important for people to have the opportunity to continue with their old roles if they wish. This may include collecting the mail, folding the washing, sweeping the floor, gardening, baking, flower arranging and social activities. People are encouraged to be involved in the running of their home, and are supported to maintain their community involvement and activities.

Residents enjoy outings in the van, entertainment – both at home and out in the community – craft activities, cooking, gardening, singing, dancing, exercise, quizzes, newspaper reading, special afternoon teas, DVDs, church services, knitting ... and the list goes on.

We respect the privacy of our residents in their home. For this reason we do not include recognisable photographs of our residents on this site. However, we would like to share some of the wonderful activities we do with our residents on a daily basis.

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