Each of our small homes has its own homely open-plan kitchen, safe for residents yet fully working. This is where residents assist our Diversional Therapy staff in familiar activities like making sandwiches or baking scones for afternoon tea, or help the caregiving staff wipe down the benchtops or load the dishwasher. The open plan living areas are much like those of an ordinary family home, and the scent of fresh baking often greets visitors on arrival.

All residents have single rooms, some with en suite toilets and hand basins. People are encouraged to bring personal items with them such as pictures, furniture, and special ornaments to enable them to feel comfortable and at home.

At Admatha we have an exciting new project: training a dementia therapy dog from puppy-hood.

Our Labrador puppy, named Merlin, is the nephew of Mahe, the assistance dog whose story captured the hearts of people wordwide earlier this year: 

Merlin is part of our Admatha family of residents, family members and staff, providing diversion, delight and reduction of stress, in keeping with our homely, person-centered philosophy of care.

Merlin has his own Facebook page (below) which anyone interested in following the progress of the project is warmly invited to follow.