Our Facility Management Team

Admatha Maira Debra 2019    Admatha Merlin Therapy Dog 2019

Debra Fairhall and Maira Lagumbay   /    Merlin, our therapy dog


Clinical Manager

Maira Lagumbay has worked as a senior member of the Registered Nursing team for many years before being appointed to her pressent position at Admatha.

Maira says, "For 9 years I have given my best knowledge and skills to provide the best quality of care to our residents and their families, and am very excited to take my passion to a new level. I know there will be new challenges ahead and many learnings to take in but knowing I will be surrounded by people I share the same vision and values with, I am excited and confident to be stepping forward into this new role".


Operations Manager

Debra Fairhall is responsible for the smooth running of Admatha operationally. She meets with staff regularly and runs our quality and risk system. Debra worked in the mental health and dementia field for eight years before taking on the role of Operations Coordinator of Admatha in 2015.

Debra’s goal is to ensure that Admatha is a homely, friendly and safe environment for residents, family and staff, supporting people in a caring, kind and respectful way while acknowledging each individual’s needs.