Admatha Dementia Care

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We invite you to experience the special character of Admatha 

Admatha provides the following levels of care:

  • Hospital dementia or D6 care

Admatha Dementia Care is a home for people with dementia who require individualised specialist care in a secure environment. We offer continuing hospital or D6 dementia care at Admatha.

We have  garden areas with benches and walkways, enabling the residents to wander safely within the secure grounds. A stream runs beside the home. There are ducklings in the spring and trees provide shade and shelter. The living areas are built to an open plan design, homely yet spacious. There is a piano for songs and entertainment, and a kitchen which fills the home with the aroma of fresh baking. Our lounges are often filled with talk, laughter and the voices of caregivers communicating with and encouraging our residents.

Admatha is warm and inviting. The atmosphere is gentle, peaceful, and accepting. We welcome visitors to our home and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the care of your loved one. 

What they say about us


Our lives suddenly changed when a hospital specialist told us, “Your husband/father will never be able to live an independent life again.” What do we do now? Admatha Dementia Care was our answer. We were plunged into the decision of looking for a home for him, when it was not even on the cards a week ago. As soon as we walked into Admatha, we unanimously said, “This is the place for Dad!” The welcome we received from the very first meeting was warm, informative, clear and friendly as we grappled with this new life in our state of shock.

Joyce Bailey and family

If anyone is looking for a place for their loved one with dementia to live, then this is it. It's just like home. My Mum was in another establishment and I then moved her to Admatha, first the home and then the hospital. From the beginning it was a huge relief to know that she was well looked after and loved as an individual - that's pretty special. And at the same time, the staff cared about how I was coping. I cannot speak highly enough of the care that Mum received.

Sue Chappell

Thank you Admatha. Continuity, consistency, caring, kindness, thoughtfulness, love. Earthquake proof qualities. Thank you for providing the precious necessities of life through a challenging and difficult year. The expertise and special care your provide is beyond the people and families that you care for. This Christmas I hope that each one of you receive tenfold the love and care you have given to others. We could not have quality of life without you all.

Mary Roberts

I was quite devastated when my husband, whom I had been caring for at home, was assessed as D6; this being the highest level of dementia care. It was not too long after this that he needed to go into full time care. He had been in respite care in the Admatha Home a couple of times but I was a little anxious as we stepped through the door of The Lodge which was to become his permanent home. A staff member had expressed her concern for me that the transition from our own home directly to The Lodge could be a difficult one. However these fears were allayed as we were warmly welcomed by all staff. Very quickly they were greeting me by name and always offered refreshments when visiting.

Margaret Robinson

When the unexpected happens, but you know in your mind it is coming to your loved one, you feel "yes I can deal with this" but in a very short time the time comes that you have to be parted. This happened to me four years ago this January. Our lives changed immediately, but life still had to go on for both of us. Looking for suitable care was not easy, after looking at several places we picked Avonlea and have not regretted our decision. With your loved one there, you can be sure they are getting the best possible attention. After almost four years in care, my wife has moved to Admatha Lodge to receive a higher level of hospital care. The move was arranged with us, with no fuss or bother and she is receiving great care from all the staff in her new home.

George Hood

Placing my father into care was the hardest decision of my life. He had been diagnosed with dementia five months earlier and I was told to look around, find a home that I liked and put his name down. With two cousins, I started looking at dementia rest homes not too far from home. Of the places we viewed Avonlea was by far the nicest. Even the guided tour was the friendliest and most helpful. I didn't know what to look for in a rest home but fortunately my two cousins are a nurse and a diversional therapist respectively.

Michael Ferguson

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