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Resident and staff member play chess togetherWe invite you to experience the special character of Millvale House Miramar

Millvale House Miramar provides hospital care for people with dementia.

We welcome new residents and enjoy getting to know them. People are encouraged to continue with familiar roles and remain involved in the running of their home, and our residents enjoy a wide range of activities, outings and community involvement. Family become part of the community we have and we encourage their continuing involvement in their loved ones' lives. We also have a family support service available.

Millvale House Miramar is divided into two interconnecting small homes, Loloma and Kaibagan, each housing thirteen residents. Each of our residents enjoys a private bedroom.

Each home has a comfortable open-plan lounge/dining area where residents are able to socialise, relax, take part in our activity programme, and enjoy regular home-cooked meals.

There is ample space for residents to enjoy walking, with both homes having easy access to a fully-fenced back garden and courtyard. The song of native birds can be enjoyed from the sheltered courtyards which offer both sunny and shady spots to sit in and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.

What they say about us


Here is our family's story with Millvale House in Miramar, Wellington, a wonderful dementia care facility.


Our father John Jamieson has spent the last 4 - 5 months of his life at Millvale. He recently died through his 4th heart attack. The last 2 years have been very hard for the family as Dad’s body and mind started to fail him. The last 8 months especially traumatic, as he ended up at 4 different rest or dementia centres, with his level of dementia deteriorating to a point he needed to go to Millvale. We have nothing but wonderful things to say about the staff and facility.

Ross Jamieson

When I was informed that my Mother had to be moved to the next level of Dementia Care my heart sank and I dreaded the next move in the progression of both her illness and the supervised care she would need. We arrived at Milvale in the summer. I knew that my Mother was very unwell when we arrived and the staff called the local doctor immediately. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and was promptly put on medication. The staff at Millvale House could not have been more welcoming, kinder or more helpful to us at our personal time of great distress and need.


My much-loved companion has been living at Millvale House for over three years now, after hospital stays and four previous placements due to changing assessments. His family and I have found Millvale to be a good and welcoming place, with its home-like layout, accessible nursing station and caring staff; whose ethos, skills, affection and respect for the individuality of each resident are constant and heart-warming. The continuity of his carers, unfailingly kind and thoughtful, is very reassuring.

Jessie M. March

My mother is a resident at Millvale House. I have approximately eight years experience in aged care working initially as a carer and for the last four years as a diversional therapist. From my experience, a home having great staff, as well as a high standard of care, are the two top requirements when placing a family member.

Wendy Milner

My father was transferred from a stage 3 facility to Millvale Miramar a couple of months ago. My first impressions of Millvale Miramar were that of a calm and caring environment, where the managers and staff members genuinely care for their residents. Each time I visit I am aware of this calm and caring and peaceful atmosphere. My father's settling-in period has been very successful due to the ability, knowledge and care of the staff. I have noticed the staff respect my father as an individual, not just as a Dementia patient. The Family Orientation meetings organised by Jan, have been very informative. They gave me a clearer understanding of how Millvale operates and of the support available for the family.

Fiona Black

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