Dementia Care NZ

Person-centred care for elderly and people with dementia

Dementia Care NZ is one of New Zealand’s most highly regarded aged care providers.

Dementia Care NZ pioneered the ‘Small Homes’ and ‘Best Friends Approach to Care’ concepts in New Zealand, and for over a decade has provided care for the elderly, specialising in caring for people with dementia.

We provide a full range of residential care including general rest home care, dementia rest home care, general hospital care, and dementia hospital care. At many of our facilities, a full continuum of care is available.

We specialise in person-centred care for people with dementia. This is the work we have passionately chosen to do.

Our promise to you

  • We promise we will give you the very best of care.
  • We promise we will appreciate and respect you.
  • We will be open, honest and trustworthy.

What they say about us


My husband was moved from Summerset Rest Home in early 2020, as Summerset had no Dementia unit and was then unsuitable for him. My husband’s condition had deteriorated whereby he needed specialized and secure care. After a wait of two weeks we had secured a place for him at Tasman Rest Home and Dementia Care. I was initially concerned that the change of homes would be unsettling him plus the lack of freedom he would feel now in a fully secure home.

Luckily he settled in quickly and has continued to be quite happy here. The staff here are truly incredible, having endless patience and understanding in caring for the residents particularly through the hard times of ‘Lock Down’. As my husband has no friends or family in New Zealand, I am his sole companion giving all credit to the wonderful care he is receiving. The staff are able to call me if there is a problem with my husband, keeping me up to date on medical issues as well. I really could not have found a better home for him, and I can rest assured that he is in a safe and happy place. So thank you Tasman!

Rose and Tony Moon, 2020.

I have no hesitation in writing my impressions of having my partner in care at Tasman Rest Home. Prior to his being a full time resident ten months ago, he had spent time in several other facilities in the Nelson/Richmond region, having respite care. This enabled us to make a decision on which we felt would give him the best care. I had no hesitation in choosing Tasman, & have no regrets. The caliber of nurturing & care is excellent. I visit regularly and have observed this culture. The effort made to encourage the special needs of residents impresses me, even allowing my partners beloved dog to visit. As his condition has deteriorated there have been regular updates and inclusion with all decisions made.

I am made to feel welcome at all times, and they have coped with the recent shut down restrictions with understanding of the residents needs as well as friends and families. It has not been easy for those who did not understand why they were separated from loved ones. Tasman Rest Home were very tolerant and understanding of this need. Physical care is also excellent, and the hygiene standards very thorough. It gives me great pleasure to say how impressed I am with the care and attention given at Tasman Rest Home.

Margaret Drummond, 2020.

Outstanding Care Provided for my Mum July 2018.

The Positives : The wonderful staff at Tasman provided outstanding care for my mum throughout her stay. They were, without exception, calm, kind and warm-hearted toward her at all times. That she was able to smile and laugh with us right up to her last days is a tribute to the ‘best friends’ and ‘small homes’ concept being implemented by Dementia Care NZ. We will always remain grateful that we chose Tasman to care for her.

The Negatives : Nothing. To anyone viewing this facility we encourage you to focus on the calm atmosphere and attitude of the caring staff. So while the rooms and lounges are bright and cheery they don’t have the latest decor. Funds are obviously spent on providing the very best in personal care for the residents as we found. We never regretted for even one minute our decision to settle Mum here.

S. Smith, 2018.

Admatha – Fulfilling Their Vision.

Our lives suddenly changed when a hospital specialist told us, “Your husband/father will never be able to live an independent life again.” What do we do now? Admatha Dementia Care was our answer. We were plunged into the decision of looking for a home for him, when it was not even on the cards a week ago. As soon as we walked into Admatha, we unanimously said, “This is the place for Dad!” The welcome we received from the very first meeting was warm, informative, clear and friendly as we grappled with this new life in our state of shock.

The next question was how to transfer a very confused and agitated man from hospital to Admatha? This was overcome immediately by the caring and thoughtful staff at Admatha. They made it so easy. In the months following there have been many ups and downs as our whole family has had to come to terms with our new lives and the Admatha staff have been there all the way. The “Best Friends Approach to Care” really works! The empathy, communication and incredible amount of loving patience shown to us and especially to our Dad/Husband never falters.

Thank you Admatha, you are keeping all of your promises. Thank you very much.

Joyce Bailey and family

Continuing (Hospital) Care.

I was quite devastated when my husband whom I had been caring for at home was assessed as needing specialised dementia hospital care, this being the highest level of dementia care. It was not too long after this that he needed to go into full time care. He had been in respite care in the Admatha Home a couple of times but I was a little anxious as we stepped through the door of The Lodge which was to become his permanent home.

A staff member had expressed her concern for me that the transition from our own home directly to The Lodge could be a difficult one. However these fears were allayed as we were warmly welcomed by all staff. Very quickly they were greeting me by name and always offered refreshments when visiting. Admatha Lodge quickly became my second home where I was able to assist with as much or as little care of my husband as I desired.

The lines of communication are always open and I have been informed verbally and through family newsletters as to who is the most appropriate person to speak to if I have concerns or want to make comments. I am informed of changes to medication and reasons for this. If my husband has had a fall or medical problem I am always informed by phone. A family support group is held monthly. This is facilitated by an independent person.

Although the residents of The Lodge have been affected differently by their dementia, they and their families are all treated with dignity and respect. I wish that my husband didn’t have Alzheimer’s, but I am relieved that he is in great 24 hour care and that I can still have input, but continue to live my own life and pursue my interests.

Margaret Robinson

CONTINUITY, CONSISTENCY, CARING, KINDNESS, THOUGHTFULNESS, LOVE, EARTHQUAKE PROOF QUALITIES. Thank you Admatha for providing the precious necessities of life through a challenging and difficult year. The expertise and special care you provide is beyond the people and families that you care for. This Christmas I hope that each one of you receive tenfold the love and care you have given to others. We could not have quality of life without you all.

During a visit to mum last week I watched Kim making chocolates for the Christmas party. Mum and some other residents were sitting watching and sampling the chocolates as Kim took them out of the Christmas moulds. I had been feeling emotional at the prospect of Christmas day and how impractical it would be to attempt to take Mum home. Seeing her sitting happily enjoying the chocolate in the friendly atmosphere of the kitchen surrounded by people who care I realised she was “home”. Thank you all. Happy Christmas.

Mary Roberts